Dear Customers,

I regretfully inform you that BoxTop Software is no longer operating as a business.

What exactly does this mean?

Well, we will no longer be selling our software or developing new products. However, the website and all downloads will remain available for all of our loyal customers over the years.

Additionally, we may choose to perform some maintanence or updates to the software in the future. We are not promising, but we would like to see it happen.

Why is this? Well, BoxTop Software, due more to personal circumstances of the founders and prior employees than any business reasons, is not what it once was. BoxTop Software has effectively become the hobby of Richard Anton, without actually providing much of his financial support anymore. By Richard Anton, I mean me of course.

I do intend to finish the Macintel updates of ProJPEG and PhotoGIF, but I can make no promises on the timeline.

Also, it is very possible that I will choose to eventually release at least some of the BoxTop products as freeware. I am very attached to these products, and I also view them as a part of the legacy of my brother who is no longer with us. They do not, however, pay the bills any longer, which means I do not have enough time to support them.

It just is not appropriate to continue charging for software that I cannot continue to support properly because of time constraints.

As someone once said, "So long and thanks for all the fish."

Please enjoy these BoxTop Software products free of charge. Here are registration numbers and download links for that last versions of most of BoxTop Software's products. I hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating and selling them. Most of the Mac versions will only work on older Mac's and older versions of Photoshop, especially since the plugins were never ported to work with Intel CPU native Photoshop versions.

The strings starting with "U..." before the download links are there registration codes to make the products fully functional.

  • BoxTop ProJPEG 6.0 for Macintosh UTD8TUK76V9P Download
  • BoxTop ProJPEG 6.0 for Windows UTD6TUKE6V99 Download
  • BoxTop PhotoGIF Format 3.5 for Macintosh UTD9FUK76V99 Download
  • BoxTop PhotoGIF 1.0 Filter for Windows UTDVAUKE6V99 Download
  • BoxTop ImageVice 2.0 For Macintosh UTDDRUK76V9P Download
  • BoxTop ImageVice 2.0 for Windows UTDNBUK76V99 Download
  • BoxTop ColorSafe 1.7 for Macintosh UTDALUKE6V99 Download
  • BoxTop ColorSafe 1.5 for Windows UTDNJUK76V9P Download
  • BoxTop GIFmation 2.5 for Macintosh UJDFEUE7699P Download
  • BoxTop GIFmation 2.5 for Windows UJDB8UEE6999 Download
  • BoxTop SuperGIF 1.5 for Macintosh UTDNUUK76V9P Download
  • BoxTop SuperGIF 1.5 for Windows UTDNUUKE6V9P Download
  • BoxTop PhotoGIF 4.0 for Macintosh UHDKVUKB6Q99 Download
  • BoxTop PhotoGIF 4.0 for Windows UHD9ZUKL6Q9P Download