NOTE: WebClipper is no longer supported, and only works on Classic MacOS systems. If you would like to see WebClipper updated to work with modern versions of Photoshop or ported to windows than let us know. If there is enough demand we will update it, but currently we have no plans of doing so.

WebClipper is a free Macintosh Adobe Photoshop filter plugin that corrects the color shifts from Web safe colors that routinely occur during color reduction to adaptive palettes. WebClipper allows you to easily create hybrid images containing both custom colors and select colors from the Web safe palette.

Hybrid images allow for greater image quality than those color reduced to the Web safe palette, while still largely eliminating most unwanted dithering when images are viewed on 8-bit Windows systems.

WebClipper works in conjunction with ColorSafe and PhotoGIF to allow you to create an endless variety of hybrid color Web images through a simple, interactive interface that has only a single slider control.

Download WebClipper now. It's free. Grab some other great Web design tools from BoxTop while you're at it.