ProJPEG Reviews

We've taken the time to assemble many recent third party reviews of ProJPEG for you. Not all say the same things, some are a little better than others just as all third party reviews are, but one thing that overwhelmingly comes thought every one is that ProJPEG is an immensely valuable tool for you that can greatly improve both the performance of your JPEG files and your work flow creating them.

  • ProJPEG 5.0 reviewed by Denise Vitola of The Internet Eye Magazine

    "ProJPEG by BoxTop Software is an excellent program that easily optimizes your images, making them smaller, while retaining the sharpness and clarity of the original picture... I found that it did a fine job of demonstrating the company's impressive claims. In fact, I compared its file compression features to those integrated into expensive image editing software packages such as Macromedia Fireworks and found that it allowed for more control of the final file size. For the price of $49.95, it is a great deal for the serious artist and the weekend hobbyist. I highly recommend it, especially if you want to retain the quality of your images but want them to download quickly from the World Wide Web..."

    Denis writes a comprehensive review of ProJPEG based on the Macintosh version, and with the slight exception of the screen shot, which is highly altered by a Kaleidoscope scheme, is right on the money. No rating system is used.

  • ProJPEG 5.0 reviewed by Slaughter House

    "ProJPEG goes above and beyond the call of duty by being crammed full of the latest and most powerful pic crunching features you'll find anywhere... The basic ProJPEG compression is already much better than what you'd get with just Photoshop alone. To prove just how good ProJPEG really is all you have to do is load up a JPG in PhotoShop and save it. Now load up the same original image but this time use ProJPEG. You notice an immediate difference that can be quite astounding easily shaving off 20%, 30%, or even more of the files size with almost any picture..."

  • ProJPEG 5.0 reviewed by Yippee

    "Image compression is of vital importance in web-design and getting the perfect balance between file size and image quality can be exceedingly difficult - that's where ProJPEG comes in. Offering advanced features catering to the experienced yet remaining simple enough to ensure beginners can get quick, easy and effective results, this intuitive plug-in for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro is a huge improvement over the default compression for these programs. What's more, unlike the big players such as Macromedia Fireworks, you won't have to sell a kidney to afford it. Recommended..."

  • ProJPEG 5.1 reviewed by Gary Coyne of Apple Links

    "For the professional who wants to provide to his/her web client the best possible, most optimized site, ProJPEG is worth the money..."

    Gary has written a detailed comparison based review, although one that isn't very quotable following more the form of a tutorial that the usual review. However, one note on one of the few cons mentioned "It would be nice if one had the ability to change the size of these windows," speaking of ProJPEG's previews. Well, we thought so, too, so you actually can. Rated four Mac smiley faces.

  • ProJPEG 5.0.1 reviewed by Paula Sanders of Ephemeral Visions

    "The interface is user friendly. All the parameters for creating a balance between speed and quality are available... The original file size of the image, Homeward Bound was 1.03 Mb. When saved in Saved for the Web, the image size became 65.15k and when saved using ProJPEG, the size became 36K... I definately plan to use ProJPEG in the future. Now I can create larger images with smaller downloading times."

    Paula provides a basic review of ProJPEG based on the Windows version, and a good comparison between ProJPEG and Adobe's Safe for Web. No rating system is used.

  • ProJPEG 5.0.1 reviewed by Angelene of Shareware Junkies

    "The original graphic was 44.5k; ProJPEG compressed it to 31K, without noticeably affecting the graphic quality! That may not sound like a big difference (about 1/4), but if you have a slow modem (14.4 or 28.8), if every graphic on every page is optimized, it will make a huge difference in download time... If you are a webpage designer, either for fun or for profit, ProJPEG is exactly what the doctor ordered! Download the demo version today -- you'll be ordering it soon!"

    This is a short review based on the Windows version, which rates ProJPEG at five stars on everything but price. We make great software, but have to eat, too. That one's hard to help.

  • ProJPEG 5.0 reviewed by

    "BoxTop installs as a plug-in to Photoshop and is accessible from the "Save As" menu. It offers side by side visual comparison of original to compressed jpeg. The intuitive interface makes it very easy to use. You can also enter a target file size. If the graphics program you currently use has less than optimal JPEG compression tools and can accept Photoshop type plug-ins, consider BoxTop Pro. It offers high quality compression, great features, and low price. Highly recommended..."

  • ProJPEG 5.0 reviewed by Digital Media Designer

  • ProJPEG 4.0 reviewd by Mike Pasini of Imageing Resource

  • ProJPEG 3.0 at DT&G's Pixel Smith

    "ProJPEG has been in the pages of DT&G before. It's from BoxTop Software and it does as well, if not better than any other compression utility available. It has a generous image previewing window that allows you not only to compare the original image quality to JPEG compressed image quality simultaneously, but accurate file size and download speed comparisons as well..."