BoxTop News

3/01/2021 - SuperGIF for Windows update.

SuperGIF for Windows has been updated to fix some issues on Windows 10 and provide a new installer. Download it here.

1/30/2008 - GIFmation 2.5 released for Macintosh and Windows.

GIFmation 2.5 provides native support for MacIntel and provides better support for Vista. Get it here for Mac or here for Windows.

5/21/2007 - PhotoGIF 4.0.2 released for Macintosh

We still had some kinks with 4.0.1 so here is PhotoGIF for Macintosh 4.0.2 which addresses some problems with the plugin loading properly in some cases as well as a problem with the splash screen. Enjoy, and we would like to thank the users who take the time to let us know they are experiencing problems so that we can fix them.

5/19/2007 - BoxTop website receives a makeover.

The look is mainly the same, but the internal structure of the site has been made much more dynamic and maintainable for our own personal convenience. Thanks to jQuery and PHP for making our lives easier.

4/23/2007 - PhotoGIF 4.0.1 released for Macintosh

PhotoGIF 4.0.1 is a maintenance release. It fixes a problem in Photoshop CS2 which could leave menu items disabled after using PhotoGIF. You can download it here.

2/25/2007 - PhotoGIF 4.0 for Macintosh and Windows released

PhotoGIF 4.0 add action support, resizeable previews, and MacOS X support.  Find out more here or download for Macintosh or Windows.

3/9/2006 - ProJPEG 6.0.1 released for Windows

ProJPEG 6.0.1 is a maintenance release. You can download it here.

3/2/2005 - ImageVice 2.1 released for Macintosh

ImageVice 2.1 adds support for MacOS X. You can download it here.

2/23/2005 - ColorSafe 1.7 released for Macintosh

ColorSafe 1.7, the Adobe PhotoShop plugin for all your web color and pattern creation needs, now supports MacOS X. Get it here.

2/12/2005 - GIF Prep 2.0 released for Macintosh

GIF Prep 2.0 The free GIF Prep Macintosh utility for stripping resource forks from files now supports MacOS X natively. You can get it here.

2/10/2005 - SuperGIF 1.5.2 released for Macintosh

SuperGIF 1.5.2 This releases fixes a bug that caused extreme sluggishness in MacOS X. This is a free upgrade for all users. You can download it from here.

2/10/2005 - SuperGIF 1.5.1 released for Macintosh

SuperGIF 1.5.1 This releases fixes several problems users were experiencing with the Carbon version of SuperGIF under MacOS X, and is a free upgrade for all users. You can download it from here.

2/8/2005 - ProJPEG 6 released for Macintosh and Windows

ProJPEG 6 is a filter plugin instead of a file format plugin, has native MacOS X support, and greater capabilities for using alpha channels to control smoothing.

2/3/2005 - BoxTop returns

After a period of innactivity after the death of Travis Anton, BoxTop Software has been brought back online by Richard Anton. If you have been trying to purchase or upgrade your software or have any support issues please let us know. An upgrade to ProJPEG with MacOS X support plus new features that was developed before Travis' death but never released due to circumstances will be released very soon.

6/7/2001 - SuperGIF 1.5 released for Macintosh and Windows

SuperGIF 1.5 for Macintosh and Windows is more than three times as fast as previous versions of SuperGIF and now includes a Carbon native version for best performance under MacOS X, and it still holds the record for best GIF optimization.

5/14/2001 - SuperGIF awarded 5 star honors by

"We are pleased to notify you that your application SuperGIF has been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars. As a recognition to the high quality of SuperGIF and the great work carried out in its development, you have been granted our greatest prize."

5/12/2001 - ProJPEG 5.2 released for Macintosh and Windows

ProJPEG 5.2 changes the default behavior of the ProJPEG options dialog, defaulting to full size previews as opposed to scaling to fit. The Macintosh version also fixes an unintentional dependency on System 8.5 that was introduced in version 5.0. ProJPEG should work with OS 7.1 or latter now as intended. Additional internal changes have also been made in the march toward MacOS X. The rest of the way will take waiting for Adobe now. Adobe has not announced MacOS X plans for Photoshop at present.

5/3/2001 - Cool is unabashedly forsaken for meat and bones

BoxTop's latest Web site is not nearly so "cool" as the last, but one that is much more friendly and informational. Maybe, it won't be the centerpiece of books on "hip" Web design like the last, but we think it will serve all our customers better.

3/12/2001 - ProJPEG 5.1 released for Windows

ProJPEG 5.1 for Windows adds resolution support features on Windows, too, and speeds things up a bit to match the Macintosh 5.1 version.

1/19/2001 - ProJPEG 5.1 released for Macintosh

ProJPEG 5.1 for Macintosh adds resolution support, fixes a bug that could cause a crash when corrupt JPEG files were opened, speeds things up a little more, confirms full compatibility with OS 9.1 and marches on toward OS X.

10/19/2000 - ProJPEG 5.0.2 for Macintosh

ProJPEG 5.0.2 corrects a minor problem with the registration code when ProJPEG resides on a different hard drive from the System folder under Photoshop 6.0, and makes some additions to the ProJPEG FAQ.

10/11/2000 - ProJPEG 5.0.1 for Macintosh

ProJPEG 5.0.1 corrects a potentially fatal problem with the Appearance Manager under System 8.0 and 8.1. If you use either of these system versions and experienced crashing behavior attempting to use ProJPEG, this is the fix.

9/28/2000 - ProJPEG 5.0 for Macintosh and Windows

ProJPEG 5.0 hits the streets for Macintosh and Windows as the most significant upgrade to ProJPEG ever, with improved memory handling to allow ProJPEG to work for Web graphics or hi-res JPEG images and advanced Photoshop actions support for batch processing and automated work flow, plus a new interface with resizable and zoomable image previews for better compression feedback and ergonomic work flow. Paint Shop Pro is also supported by ProJPEG now on Windows, in addition to Photoshop. This is a must have, so don't wait.

7/22/2000 - SuperGIF 1.0 released for Macintosh and Windows

SuperGIF 1.0 BoxTop's second stand-alone application, after the award winning GIFmation, makes public debut in release three. Unlike all other tools from BoxTop, which are for creating optimized GIFs from scratch, SuperGIF is a solution combining over five years of GIF shrinking know-how into one ultimately easy to use Drag & Drop application to optimize existing GIF images and animations without any user guidance required. Savings over 80% are possible with SuperGIF.

6/6/2000 - GIFmation 2.3.5 released for Macintosh

GIFmation 2.3.5 is available for Macintosh. This is more of a general spring cleaning effort before big updates this year, as the previous ProJPEG update. A rebuild with new core libraries for improvements in error handling, low memory behavior, and better color quantization in GIFmation.

5/31/2000 - ProJPEG 4.0.1 is available for Macintosh

ProJPEG 4.0.1 is available for Macintosh. (Note this same maintenance update was Made for Windows, too, only without a version number change. As the person reporting the news, I'm not sure why.) Version 4.0.1 is an update to the core libraries that ProJPEG uses, and makes a lot of little but important changes under the hood, which in particular improve stability under near death low memory conditions.

5/28/2000 - Train derails, big explosions ensue

Train derails, big explosions ensue. This would not normally be news we would care to report, but it cut a UUNet OC48 fiber between New Orleans and Dallas in the process of derailing and took our connection down for the count this weekend. It's always the things you least expect... As the least likely way to lose your internet connection, it seems news worthy, even to us.

2/7/2000 - ProJPEG 4.0 is hot news

ProJPEG 4.0 is hot news! This major upgrade to ProJPEG adds the two most requested features to ProJPEG - target file sizes and variable image compression. Read all about it on the ProJPEG page.

10/31/1999 - GIFmation 2.3.3 is a Halloween treat for all

GIFmation 2.3.3 is a Halloween treat for all. It fixes a small, but sometimes fatal, interface bug in the preferences dialog so there are no more tricks. If you had trouble setting your alignment preferences before, you won't with the new version.

9/28/1999 - GIFmation 2.3.2 update for Macintosh

GIFmation 2.3.2 adds 'open' and 'kind' resources for the Translation Manager and improves the Navigation Manager support a bit more, as well as eliminating a problem that could result in an error on saving.

9/27/1999 - GIFmation 2.3.1 update for Macintosh

GIFmation 2.3.1 for the Mac makes the best GIF animation tool around even more "effective" then before with support for QuickTime 4.0 effects, and far too many other improvements to list in a blurb.

6/22/1999 - PhotoGIF 3.5 is a very major update for Macintosh

PhotoGIF 3.5 has arrived for Mac! This is big news and big update for even smaller files, faster files, and a happier, easier time making them. See firsthand the benefits of PhotoGIF, which just happened to recently be reviewed by TidBITS. You can read the review here for all the nice things they had to say.

6/8/1999 - ImageVice 2.0.5 for Macintosh fixes a conflict with Kaleidoscope

ImageVice 2.0.5 avoids the conflict with Kaleidoscope. This wouldn't be such a big deal if 10 zillion people weren't using that pervasive little extension. If you're one of those, this is one update not to miss.

6/7/1999 - is back on-line

We've revived the PlugPage. Once again, the biggest (At least it used to be the biggest and will be the biggest as soon as we're done rounding up all the current plug-ins we may be missing) archive with scads of 3rd party freeware, shareware, and demo plug-ins to download is back.

5/21/1999 - ColorSafe 1.6.1 is available for Macintosh

ColorSafe 1.6.1 for Mac makes it pretty again, correcting a few harmless interface glitches that cropped up with new OS releases, removes an old PPC dependency on the presence of the Color Picker extension, and provides a few other minor improvements.

5/20/1999 - BoxTop has kittens

BoxTop has kittens. Tag, the office cat, so named because we found her crawling out of a car in the parking lot, has popped with three itty-bitties. There are two little white Siamese looking girls and an orange tabby boy mewing away now. Anyone want a kitten?

5/11/1999 - ImageVice 2.0.4 available for Macintosh

ImageVice 2.0.4 fixes a problem present on systems older than 7.6 without the Appearance Manager present and starts the dissemination of new read me files because we got nailed with a new area code. It's 662 to call BoxTop now and no longer 601.

5/3/1999 - ProJPEG 3.1.2 keeps making ProJPEG even better

ProJPEG 3.1.2 keeps making ProJPEG even better and provides a smaller binary, makes some improvement in memory usage, updates core library code, includes extra free stuff and makes many other minor enhancements.

4/9/1999 - ImageVice 2.0.3 ends a bug hunt

ImageVice 2.0.3 ends a bug hunt, which in the end wasn't a bug at all, and makes many minor improvements to the operation of the Appearance Manager interface. It is confirmed now that a conflict does exist between the ImageVice and Kaleidoscope, which we are currently working to solve. Details of the conflict and steps to avoid it are in the ImageVice Quick Start.

3/30/1999 - ImageVice 2.0 blasts ahead for Macintosh and Windows

ImageVice 2.0 blasts ahead for Mac and Windows making the power tool of power tools (And Travis' personal favorite) for compact Web and multimedia graphics a kinder, gentler killer, with full interaction, a super size preview, and a recipe guide easier to follow than Betty Crocker. Just add water and stir for faster graphics than you ever thought possible.

3/4/1999 - PhotoGIF 3.0.2 nips another bug in the bud

PhotoGIF 3.0.2 nips another bug in the bud that didn't allow saving of a 3 pixel tall interlaced GIF. Not that anyone would ever save a 3 pixel tall GIF as interlaced, but, hey, no bug may go unsquished. We're really anal about that.

2/22/1999 - PhotoGIF 3.0.1 squishes a little creepy crawly intermittent bug

PhotoGIF 3.0.1 squishes a little creepy crawly intermittent bug from conflicting resources. Problem affected registration of the plug-in only, so if you didn't buy it, you probably didn't see it. This is the fix for the dreaded "An error occurred during plug-in registration", though.

2/17/1999 - PhotoGIF 3.0 has arrived for Macintosh

PhotoGIF 3.0 has arrived for the Mac! This is the most anticipated upgrade in our illustrious four year history, and with good reason. PhotoGIF 3.0 takes Web graphics to the next level - total interaction.

1/29/1999 - The new Web site lives!

The new Web site is live. It lives! It lives!! It lives!!! Ho haha whohaahaaa.... maniacal laughter trails from a sleep deprived mad man on a dark and stormy night.

1/26/1999 - PhotoGIF 2.8 for Mac combines PhotoGIF and PhotoGIF Filter

PhotoGIF 2.8 for Mac combines PhotoGIF and PhotoGIF Filter into one product on the eve of PhotoGIF 3.0. PhotoGIF schizophrenia has ended.